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Public Transit     Connect Card Facts
FACT Unveils New Connect Card for 2013  (see photo)  (in the news)

The Facts:

  • FACT is replacing its existing paper monthly bus passes with a plastic Connect Card.

  • This card can be obtained at the FACT Transit and Transfer Centers during normal business hours.

  • The Connect Card will be honored on all fixed route buses including the Pittsburgh route.

  • This card will allow rider(s) the convenience of loading/reloading their monthly local pass from $5.00 to $200.00 --- or their 10 trip Pittsburgh pass at their discretion and it will allow a rider to not worry about having the exact change for the driver anymore.

  • As the rider boards, the card will be tapped and the fare will automatically be taken from the card.

  • This card will eliminate any fraudulent activity.

  • In the future, this card will be honored and used on other transit organizations besides FACT.

  • 185,380 riders use FACT transportation services.

  • Riders not wanting to obtain a Connect Card can simply keep paying the fare with the exact amount.