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Map of Fayette County, Pennsylvania
Public Transit     Bus Schedules     Uniontown "B" and Nemacolin Bus Schedule
FACT Bus Schedules
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Uniontown "B" and Nemacolin Schedule
Monday-Saturday Service

Effective July 1, 2020

FACT Fare Schedule

Location Depart Depart Depart Depart Depart Depart Depart Depart Depart
TRANSFER CENTER 6:20AM   8:30AM 11:10AM 2:30PM 4:45PM 6:20PM 8:05PM 9:40PM
WalMart               8:10PM  
UNIONTOWN HUB 6:25AM 7:25AM 8:35AM 11:15AM 2:38PM        
Fayette Street 6:28AM 7:28AM 8:38AM 11:18AM 2:40PM 4:55PM 6:25PM 8:20PM  
Hopwood at Bryson Blvd 6:30AM 7:30AM 8:40AM 11:20AM 2:42PM 4:57PM 6:28PM 8:22PM  
Hopwood at Doyle Street 6:32AM 7:32AM 8:42AM 11:22AM 2:44PM 4:59PM 6:30PM 8:24PM  
Hopwood Fire Station 6:34AM 7:34AM 8:44AM 11:24AM 2:46PM 5:01PM 6:32PM 8:26PM  
Chalk Hill (Subway) 6:40AM 7:40AM 8:46AM 11:30AM 2:52PM 5:07PM 6:40PM 8:32PM 9:55PM
Lady Luck Casino 6:48AM 7:48AM 8:48AM 11:38AM 3:00PM 5:15PM 6:45PM 8:40PM 10:15PM
Success Drive   7:50AM 8:50AM 11:40AM 3:05PM 5:20PM * * *
Nemacolin Woodlands 6:55AM 7:55AM 8:55AM 11:45AM 3:10PM 5:25PM 6:55PM 8:50PM 10:20PM
Location Depart Depart Depart Depart Depart Depart Depart Depart Depart
Nemacolin Woodlands 7:00AM 8:00AM 9:00AM 11:50AM 3:15PM 5:30PM 7:05PM 9:00PM 10:20PM
Nelson Road 7:05AM 8:05AM 9:05AM 11:55AM 3:20PM 5:35PM 7:10PM 9:05PM 10:25PM
Chalk Hill Superette 7:08AM 8:08AM 9:08AM 11:58AM 3:24PM 5:39PM 7:14PM 9:09PM 10:29PM
Hopwood at Paull Street 7:15AM 8:15AM 9:15AM 12:05PM 3:32PM 5:43PM 7:18PM 9:13PM *
Hopwood at Junior Street 7:16AM 8:16AM 9:16AM 12:06PM 3:34PM 5:45PM 7:20PM 9:15PM *
Hopwood at Monroe Street 7:18AM 8:18AM 9:18AM 12:08PM 3:36PM 5:53PM 7:27PM 9:22PM *
UNIONTOWN HUB 7:25AM 8:25AM 9:25AM 12:15PM 3:45PM 6:00PM 7:34PM 9:30PM *
Location Depart Depart Depart Depart Depart Depart Depart Depart Depart
Fayette Street     9:30AM 12:45PM 3:50PM        
Uniontown High School     9:33AM 12:48PM 3:53PM        
Stewart Ave     9:35AM 12:50PM 3:55PM        
Mundel's     9:37AM 12:52PM 3:57PM        
Rite Aid     9:39AM 12:54PM 3:59PM        
Dairy Queen     9:41AM 12:56PM 4:01PM        
Harris Garden Apartments     9:45AM 1:00PM 4:05PM        
Penn DOT License Center     9:48AM 1:03PM 4:08PM        
Holiday Mobile Park     9:55AM 1:10PM 4:15PM        
Oliver Square     10:00AM 1:15PM 4:20PM        
Ollie's Plaza     10:13AM 1:18PM 4:23PM        
Oliver Post Office/Oliver Rd     10:15AM 1:20PM 4:25PM        
Family Dollar     10:18AM 1:22PM 4:27PM        
Penn St. Parking Garage     10:20AM 1:24PM 4:29PM        
UNIONTOWN HUB     10:22AM 1:26PM 4:31PM        
White Swan Apartments     10:25AM 1:29PM 4:34PM        
Fay Co. Blind Assn.     10.26AM 1:31PM          
Uniontown Hospital     10:28AM 1:32PM 4:37PM        
Fairfield Inn     10:30AM 1:34PM 4:39PM       *10:40PM
TRANSFER CENTER     10:35AM 1:40PM 4:45PM       *10:45PM
Holiday Inn Express     10:38AM 1:44PM         *10:47PM
Hilton Garden Inn     10:40AM 1:46PM         *10:49PM
Super 8 Motel     10:42AM 1:47PM         *10:50PM
Comfort Inn & Suites     10:43AM 1:48PM         *10:51PM
Hampton Inn     10:44AM 1:49PM         *10:52PM
Park Inn by Radison     10:46AM 1:52PM         *10:54PM
Giant Eagle     10:50AM 1:54PM          
Confer Vista     10:51AM 1:55PM          
Meridian Point     10:53AM 1:59PM          
CVS     10:58AM 2:05PM          
Heritage Apartments     11:00AM 2:07PM          
UNIONTOWN HUB     11:02AM 2:10PM         *11:00PM
* denotes stop by request only, no pickup at these times/locations